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Child seats

The UPPAbaby child seats are multi-talented

Absolute safety and a great deal of comfort are the main features of the child seats from UPPAbaby. The American supplier UPPAbaby also offers a combination with the chassis of the pushchairs, so that a practical travel system is created with the child seats. The babies are first taken to their destination in the child seat in the car. A few simple steps are all it takes to turn the car seat into a comfortable pushchair. Trips and journeys are thus simplified.

Child seats offer a lot of safety and comfort

The child seats from UPPAbaby are suitable for newborns and can be used up to an age of about 14 months. The actual duration of use depends on the size of the children, because there should be about two finger widths of space between the baby's head and the edge of the seat. This clearance is necessary to protect the little one's head in the event of a frontal collision. The child seats are installed rearward facing. This can be done using the car's belt system or the Isofix system, which deflects the energy of a possible impact onto the car body. For younger babies UPPAbaby offers a separate, removable newborn insert that ensures the youngest is positioned correctly in the car seat. The headrest and harness system of the child seats are height adjustable to adapt to the changing size of the children. Extended side impact protection is provided by the soft inserts of memory and EPP foam in the head and neck area. The child seats from UPPAbaby meet the requirements R129 of the safety standard of the European Economic Commission.

The correct installation of the child seats

UPPAbaby offers an installation base with the SMARTSecure system, which facilitates the correct positioning of the car seat thanks to a unique tension indicator. The seat is visually checked with the electronic indicator panel and an acoustic confirmation guarantees accurate application.

High comfort for babies in the car seats

Babies often cry during long car journeys because they lack eye contact with their parents and the security they are used to. The soft seats of UPPAbaby and the favourite cuddly toy as well as a loud conversation with the parents during the journey can dispel this discomfort. The integrated ventilation system of the child seats ensures that the little ones feel a pleasant temperature in the seats. There are perforations in the shell of the car seats that allow air to circulate. This air reaches the skin of the little ones via ventilation channels in the EPP foam of the seats. The breathable mesh fabric supports the airflow and absorbs moisture from the skin in hot weather. To ensure that the infants are not disturbed by the sun's rays, the car seats of UPPAbaby a sun canopy is built into the car seats. The fold-out hood has a sun protection factor of 25+. When not in use, it can be stored in the seat shell. If the car seat is used as a child seat on the pram frame, the sun canopy is also a good protection against unpleasant wind.

With only one handle to the pram

The car seats have a carrying handle. Due to its low weight of only 4.3 kg, the seat can easily be placed on the frame of the Vista or Cruz pushchairs. Practical adapters are available for the Minu pushchair. The car seat can be attached to the pushchair in or against the direction of travel as desired. Pressing the button on the car seat bar releases the seat from the pram frame again. The mobility and individuality of the family are just as assured with the car seat thanks to its flexible use as the comfort for baby and parents and the safety of the little ones.