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A UPPAbaby buggy can do it all

A pram usually accompanies parents for a very long time, because up to the age of four the little ones want to cover long distances in it. A buggy is the preferred means of transport so that it can be driven comfortably on all terrains. It can be used to transport newborns as well as older children to discover the world in comfort. In contrast to classic prams, a buggy is manoeuvrable and has only a small pack size. At UPPAbaby also ensures a high level of comfort, both for the babies and for the parents.

A UPPAbaby pram always fits

When parents decide on a UPPAbaby buggy, then the preferred place of use is decisive for the choice of model. If mainly asphalted paths are used and the family is travelling in the city with many people, then the buggy must be manoeuvrable. Small wheels and a low weight are advantageous. If the baby is to accompany the parents on sporty outings, then soft suspension is necessary. Three large wheels support driving comfort on uneven terrain. Large wheels with good suspension characterise classic buggies that have been optimised for walks in the city and in the countryside. The foamed wheels with the shock-absorbing wheel suspension ensure a quiet driving experience for the little ones.

A UPPAbaby buggy can be used immediately

The classic buggy models are equipped with a seat and a 5-point harness. Only when babies can sit independently does it make sense to use a sports seat so as not to overstress the weak muscles, bones and cartilage. Most babies can hold their head on their own and sit upright from the age of 6 months. This is the time to switch to the sport seat. Of course, the little ones do not only have to be transported sitting in their buggy. UPPAbaby makes sure that its buggy models have an infinitely adjustable backrest and a folding footrest. This allows toddlers to take a nap in their buggy at any time. For younger babies, many UPPYbaby models have a baby bath or a baby nest available. Newborns can be transported lying down in these. While the baby bath allows the babies a lot of freedom, the nest provides a cosy and comfortable environment. Thanks to the various conversion options, the buggies from the American company UPPYbaby offer a lot of individuality, because from the carrycot to the sports seat and the second child seat to the attachable ride-on board, the buggies can transport up to three children.

Special extras for a UPPAbaby buggy

UPPAbaby offers a lot of comfort for both the little ones and the big ones. This includes the fact that the handlebar can be swivelled to enable good communication between baby and parents. If the child looks at the parents, this strengthens the relationship and the baby experiences a high level of security. The older babies get, the more curious they are about their surroundings. Looking out of the protected area of the pram is important and can be achieved by turning the handlebars around. The baby looks in the direction of travel. In any direction, babies must be protected from unpleasant sunlight. The large sun canopy has a sun protection factor of 50+, is height-adjustable to fit the height of the handlebars and can be pulled out. To reduce the temperature inside the pram, the canopy is ventilated thanks to a mesh insert. The air circulation is increased and the little ones are pleasantly cool in the pram. The handlebar adjusts to the size of the parents. A large shopping basket rounds off the range of boggies. It can be used to carry the shopping as well as toys, nappies or spare clothes.