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The right accessories for the products from UPPAbaby

Whether for long journeys or short walks, whether in winter or summer and whether for an only child or a sibling: The accessories from UPPAbaby accessories make it easier to live with small or larger babies and children at any time of the year.

The right accessories for prams

Parents want their babies and toddlers to feel comfortable in the pram on every journey. This cosy feeling includes the right temperature, protection from all weathers, safety in the pram and the right catering for long trips. The accessories from UPPAbaby accessories take these aspects into account. In cool temperatures, the knitted blanket provides pleasant warmth. The blanket made of skin-friendly materials can be washed in the washing machine. If the temperatures drop even more, the little ones will feel comfortable in a footmuff. The accessory has a wind- and water-repellent outer material and a soft fleece lining inside. Slots for the pram's harness system are provided. While the footmuff protects up to a temperature of minus 20 degrees, a rain cover offers protection in rainy weather to discover the world between the raindrops. The rain covers are adapted to the models of the UPPAbaby prams, are easy to fold and fit and allow a pleasant climate inside the pram thanks to their air holes. If the little ones can sit up on their own, then a safety bar offers additional protection against falling out. The bar is attached to the pram with an adapter and is available depending on the model. Good visibility also increases safety for baby and parents on outings in bad weather. Reflectors can be attached to the wheels and are available as accessories.

More comfort for baby and parents

Many things can happen on a long trip. The baby is hungry or thirsty, a mishap has happened or the favourite toy is missing. In the nappy backpack or the organiser, parents have the necessary utensils at hand and can change the wet nappy, offer the little ones a drink or a snack and pass the time with toys. Snacks can be offered in the snack tray to help the little ones practise fine motor skills while eating and drinking. The storage trays are available as accessories and can simply be clipped to the frame of the pushchairs. The bowls have a recess for the bottle and a recess for small snacks. After the walk, the bowls are simply cleaned with a damp cloth. So that the adults don't stay thirsty, drink holders for the prams are available from UPPAbaby available.

Accessories for the car seats

For the correct positioning of the infant carriers in the car, the Mesa i-Size Base from UPPAbaby is an indispensable accessory. There is no need to move and reposition theposand repositioning the car seat is no longer necessary, as an acoustic and visual signal indicates when the car seat is positioned correctly. At the same time, a support on the base station absorbs the energy of an impact and deflects it from the child's body onto the body of the car. Often the little ones fall asleep during the car ride. In order not to have to wake them up afterwards to put them in the pram, there are UPPAbaby offers numerous adapters with which any baby car seat can be easily mounted on the frames of the pushchairs.

On the road with the children

UPPAbaby wants to support the mobility of families with its products and accessories. Newborn seat inserts allow the prams to be used from birth, while siblings are transported with a second seat or with the ride-on board. For air travel, transport bags offer good protection of the buggies from dirt.