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trixie School

With the trixie School articles make school even more fun Education experts have proven what parents have known for a long time: Learning at school is easier and more purposeful when learning is fun. Fun is awakened by the joy of discovery and leads to more motivation. The current curriculum does not offer all children this pleasure of experiencing new things and proving themselves on a problem. However, in order to increase the desire to learn and to create new motivation, the school articles from trixie are a good way to increase the fun.

Fun school articles make learning fun

. When the gym bag with the funny animal face accompanies you to gym class, running, jumping and climbing become much easier. The school satchels and backpacks from trixie also come up trumps with animal motifs. In addition to the look, the design is also impressive, as the shoulder straps are softly padded and adjustable in length. This distributes the weight of the school bag optimally over the little ones' bodies. An additional chest strap helps to carry the bags. A large inner compartment and a front zipped pocket for ID cards, money and important utensils holds all the items the children need for learning at school. Whether lion, crocodile, rabbit, bear or flamingo: the trixie school articles are available in so many models that every child is accompanied to kindergarten, school or afternoon gym class by their favourite animal.

Colours provide structure and help with learning

All school articles from trixie are available in great colours that are based on the colours of the animals. The animal heads are child-friendly and convince with a plastic arrangement of snouts, ears or trunks. These parts protrude over the edge of the backpacks, bags and purses and can be easily grasped by even the smallest hands. At the same time, the colours are a guide for everyday school life, because colours provide structure. The colours reflect emotions and help to find motivation. If children enjoy movement and this should be encouraged, then it is good if the gym bag glows in red, orange or yellow. Calming colours such as blue or green help if the little ones are to follow lessons calmly and with concentration. They are a good choice for restless children when maths or reading is on the school agenda. With the great colours of the trixie school articles, the emotions of the colours are transmitted to the children and help them to experience everyday life more easily and with more fun.

Animals are comforters

The funny animal heads from trixie offer the little ones emotional support when they need an inner retreat. Stroking the fringe of the lion's mane on the school bag provides security and gives the little ones a feeling of strength. The fox-shaped purse is associated with cunning thoughts when spending money and the prongs of the crocodile give strength in arguments with peers.

Soft textiles for the little ones' everyday life

All school articles from trixie are made of pure cotton. They can be washed in the washing machine at a low temperature. Cotton is very skin-friendly, hypoallergenic and colourfast. At the same time, the material is very robust and ideal for everyday school use. Backpacks and satchels are additionally waterproof thanks to an acrylic coating.