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The toys from trixie offer endless entertainment Play is important for babies and children because it helps them to get to know and strengthen their bodies, hone their skills, understand role models and learn social skills. While learning takes place through the senses for the youngest children, older ones try their hand at games that promote concentration, logical comparison, perseverance and dexterity. Toys that are geared to the age of babies and children are offered by trixie an. Whether activity toys or logic pieces: The toys from trixie are high-quality, durable, robust and sustainable. The design is timeless and seasonally independent to meet the needs of the little ones, toddlers and parents.

Baby toys from trixie are grasped

In the first weeks of life, babies don't need toys yet, because they need to explore their own feet and hands. Newborns and small babies listen to their parents' voices. From the age of three to four months, the little ones begin to discover the world around them. Toys become interesting. Attentively, the little ones listen to the sound of the music box and explore the shapes of teething rings and cuddle cloths. Clattering rattles and the unusual shapes of grab rings arouse the interest of the smallest ones. The slowly turning mobile with the funny animals is closely observed. All parts of the toys are made of natural, child-friendly materials. Parents can encourage their offspring with the rattles and rings from trixie but must refrain from overexerting their little ones. More than five minutes is exhausting for babies, as playing means work for them.

Toddlers practise shapes and colours

At the crawling and walking age of nine months and older, toddlers try to discover their surroundings more comprehensively. The toys from trixie encourage awkward gross motor skills by stacking tokens to form animals or laying the first children's puzzles with four tokens. Activity cubes strengthen the little ones' skills in different ways, because wire loops have to be followed, building blocks have to be matched or wheels have to be turned. The toddlers' first tentative steps are made easier by fun learning trolleys or slides.

Games for children from 12 months

Only from the age of 12 months, toys are used for the little ones to develop visibly. With the wooden cooking set, the work in the kitchen is acted out and thus grasped. The animal transporter is suitable for the development of the own imagination and strengthens the fine motor skills with the small animal motives. The older the children get, the more themes populate their lives and thus as toys the children's room. With the doll's house and the school from trixie imaginative scenes can be played and thus the joy of a new stage can be increased or the fear of it can be taken away. Of course, toddlers and children also need soft toys that encourage them to cuddle. With the cute animal motifs trixie a wide range of products. So that the toys don't lie haphazardly in the children's room, the large toy basket is ideal. Tidying up becomes the new favourite game.

Big children love to paint

Children need variety. After a wild game at the playground or a creative game with the various toys, the little ones want to sit down and draw a picture for mum or dad in peace. The children will find the pencils in the beautifully shaped pencil cases from trixie. The cases show animal heads with protruding ears, long trunks or pointed teeth. The cases are made of pure cotton and are big enough to hold pencils, scissors and craft supplies.