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trixie Food

Eat in style and sustainably with Trixie

With Trixie, eating is twice as much fun! Start with complementary food with the lovingly designed crockery and cutlery. The child-friendly designs also motivate toddlers who are learning how to use a fork and knife or can already eat independently.

The motives of Trixie

Through the designs, the manufacturer wants to stimulate the children's imagination and encourage their creativity in every activity, be it eating or sleeping. One of the most important approaches of the manufacturer is sustainability. The aim is to make the products long-lasting and timeless so that they provide pleasure for many years. In order to conserve resources, Trixie has decided to produce all products in an annual cycle and to do without seasonal additions to the range. The focus is on a timeless design that meets the expectations of parents and children and does not become boring. Each new product is well thought out so that the added value is given.

Sustainability at the dining table

The colourful cutlery, plates and bowls are made of silicone, are plant-based, can be recycled and are biodegradable. All products are dishwasher safe and those made of 100% food-safe silicone can be used in the microwave or oven without hesitation. The plant-based plastic is made from biological resources. Every cutlery, plate and bowl is BPA-free and contains no melamine. Trixie cares about the environment and is committed to protecting our planet where your child grows up.

Cutlery and crockery for all ages

The series with animal motifs is popular with parents and children alike. After all, the eye eats with you. From the child's point of view, the meal presented on the attractive plates is much more enjoyable. Maybe you can persuade your child to eat a piece of vegetable when it is served by their favourite animal. The collection includes plates, bowls, spoons, cups, beak cups, bibs and drinking bottles. Is your child already older, animal motifs are boring, but you still focus on sustainability? The monochrome, timeless collection consisting of spoon, fork, bowl, plate and mug will also delight older children. The cutlery and crockery can be used for a long time. Feed your offspring with homemade porridge at the complementary feeding age and at a later stage you can use it to teach them to eat independently. All in all, the products are designed to provide your child with optimal support when eating. The plates have a raised rim to make it easier for him to spoon out the food. The bowls have extra wide handles so that your child can hold on to them while eating cereal.

Trixie for on the go

The beautiful dishes can stay at home. With the practical thermo bag, your child always has their drink with them at nursery school or on a walk in summer or winter. Suitable for Trixie bottles in sizes 300 ml and 500 ml, the thermo bag keeps the drink constantly warm or cold. So your child doesn't have to do without their favourite bottle or drink. Not only drinking is important on the road, but also eating. The lunch bag with cute animal motif keeps your child's food warm or cold. It offers space for a lunch box and a drinks bottle - ideal for kindergarten.