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trixie Clothing

Children's clothing from trixie is soft and fun

With their clothes, children and adults alike show their personality. Not everything that pleases the parents feels good for the little ones. With clothing from trixie even the smallest fashionista becomes a fun trendsetter, because the individual pieces are wonderfully soft and fun to look at with the various animal and nature motifs. Mum and dad are welcome to choose the clothes.

Little babies love soft clothing

When babies feel uncomfortable in their underwear, they express this by crying and screaming. So that parents can be sure that the bodysuits, pyjamas, baby bonnets and mittens or onesies do not pinch or scratch, only organic cotton is used for the various garments. trixie uses only organic cotton for the various garments. In addition to the choice of materials, the company also pays attention to practical solutions. For example, the wrap-around bodysuits and onesies have numerous press studs along the inner trouser seam to make it easier to put them on and take them off quickly. This means the top can be left on when changing nappies and the little ones are less likely to freeze. The press studs are riveted on, so they fit tightly, don't pinch and won't tear out even with frequent use.

Children choose their own clothes

From the age of 18 months, little ones begin to dress themselves. Trousers are pushed up on their own and little feet are squeezed into matching socks and stockings. While undressing seems easy for the little ones, independent dressing often only succeeds at the age of three. Every attempt strengthens the toddlers' self-confidence. Children instinctively choose those items of clothing that they can put on and take off independently. The individual items of clothing from trixie help the little ones in their efforts. All trousers have a soft elastic waistband that can easily be pulled over the legs. The T-shirts and vests have a cut away from the neck to make it easier to put them on over the head. The push buttons can then be closed by the parents.

Colourful clothes with lots of extras

The clothing from trixie is colourful and ranges from strong blue tones to soft pastel pinks. Children quickly find their favourite colour. Besides the colour, the motifs on the T-shirts, trousers, pyjamas, dresses and onesies are decisive in the selection. The individual models impress with a fun all-over print or with large motifs that are printed, embroidered or sequined. This way, the clothing can not only be seen, but also felt and thus experienced. There is particularly much to marvel at in the socks and stockings. Animal heads adorn the legwear, with the animals' ears protruding over the edge of the socks so that little hands can easily grasp them. Thanks to the addition of elastane, the socks and stockings stretch comfortably and stay on children's feet without slipping.

Sustainable and robust materials from trixie

The Belgian company uses only sustainable organic cotton for its garments. Pesticides and synthetic chemical additives are not used in the cultivation process. The cotton thus obtained is dyed with skin-friendly substances and processed in a resource-conserving and fair manner. The result is products that do not irritate children's sensitive skin and feel heavenly soft and cuddly. The cotton is hard-wearing, hypoallergenic and absorbent. It balances out temperature fluctuations in the room. Cotton products from trixie can be washed in the washing machine at a low temperature. They are suitable for tumble drying and can be ironed if desired.