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trixie Bathe

With trixie bathing becomes a pleasure

Small children and babies love bathing. While the little ones are kicking around in the warm bathtub with a blissful smile, the older ones are splashing around happily and playing with their water toys. With the soft bath products from trixie make bathing even more fun and exciting, because a lion, a rabbit, a fox, an elephant or one of the many other animal motifs is waiting for the youngest ones.

The bath ritual for newborns and young babies

Newborns and young babies are not dirty in the classical sense. In order not to disturb the natural skin protection, it is sufficient to bathe the baby once or twice a week. A warm room temperature, water with a temperature of 35 to 37 degrees and plenty of undisturbed quiet are good prerequisites for a cosy baby bath. To have all the utensils at hand, you can use the care basket from trixie or a toiletry bag can be filled with the necessary items and care products and placed next to the bathtub. Practical dividers and holding loops ensure order in the baskets. The bag closes with a zipper and can be taken along on an outing or when travelling. Wash mitts help to thoroughly clean the folds of baby's skin. After the bath, little ones love to be wrapped in a big towel, hooded bath towel or poncho. Thanks to the pure cotton, the soft swaddle cover absorbs the residual moisture when the baby is freshly swaddled after the bath. As the warm bath water makes the little ones very tired, it is recommended to move the bathing ritual to the evening hours. The baby then falls asleep very quickly. A cuddle cloth is often used after the bath. The large, loosely woven cloths made of fine thread cotton are completely printed with small animal motifs and are also suitable as a spit-up cloth when eating.

With trixie, bathing becomes fun for toddlers.

Babies enjoy the warm water and the intense body contact when bathing. Toddlers want to have fun in the water and they play with the fun washcloths with the animal head motifs. Since, depending on the model, the ears, snout, trunk or scales peek over the edge of the bath products and are easy to grasp even for little hands, toddlers develop their first creative approaches while playing. After bathing, the little ones warm themselves in the bathrobes or ponchos provided. Of course, these can also be used for a holiday at the lake or sea and for swimming in the pool to quickly warm up little bodies again after the cool water. Ponchos, bathrobes and hooded bath towels have a firmly sewn-on hood to dry hair quickly and keep the head warm. Children lose up to 10 % of their body heat through their head, which is why it should be well wrapped up after bathing. The bathrobe for toddlers is closed with a tie belt and press studs. The poncho and bathrobe have a large pocket so that the favourite toy can also be taken into the bathroom.

High quality and robust products from trixie

All bath products from trixie are made from skin-friendly organic cotton. This is hypoallergenic, absorbent and very durable. The cotton products can be washed in the washing machine at a low temperature. They are suitable for tumble drying and can be ironed.