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Träumeland Textiles

A healthy sleep needs a bedding of Träumeland

Newborns can sleep up to 17 hours and toddlers are awake for a maximum of 12 hours. To ensure that the individual naps and night sleep are restful and the little ones can discover the world well rested, you need bed linen and bed covers that meet their need for warmth and contribute to a feeling of well-being. The Austrian company Träumeland has specialised in the well-being of little ones and offers the linens as well as fitted sheets in the appropriate sizes.

Baby bed linen differs from bed linen for toddlers

Newborns should lie as flat as possible on the mattress. Since they are not used to handling blankets and pillows, only pillowcases or sleeping bags should be used during the first weeks of life. If babies put their hand under their head while sleeping, this is a good sign to switch to pillow and blanket. The size of the bedding depends on the age of the children. The Träumeland Baby bedding uses a pillow size of 35 x 40 cm and a duvet cover of 80 x 80 cm. Toddlers have duvet covers with dimensions for the pillow of 40 x 60 cm and a duvet cover of 100 x 135 cm. Whether baby or toddler: the duvet covers are manufactured Träumeland without buttons to avoid injuries. The duvets have a zipper, the pillows are held in place by the open hotel closure. The material used is Träumeland pure cotton, which is skin-friendly and breathable. Cotton absorbs moisture well and ensures a temperature balance in the baby and children's bed. At the same time, cotton duvet covers are easy to care for and can be washed in the washing machine at high temperatures. To avoid allergy-causing substances from the adults' clothes getting onto the little ones' bed linen, it should always be washed separately. Unlike baby bed linen, toddlers are interested in the motifs on their bed linen. Funny animal motifs, little stars or pretty sayings make going to bed easier for the little ones. Babies feel especially comfortable in a cosy cave, which is why Träumeland This is why we offer sets consisting of a pillowcase and duvet cover, a canopy and a nest for the bassinet or the cot.

Fitted sheets protect the mattress

To prevent bacteria and germs from settling in the mattress in the event of a mishap, it should be protected by a sheet. The sheets also prevent sweat or skin particles and dirt from getting onto the mattress. To make it easy to cover the mattress, the mattress cover offers Träumeland offers fitted sheets with an elastic band at the corners. These elastic tabs are simply slipped over the mattress and the sheet is smoothly stretched. Fitted sheets are available in different qualities made of natural materials and in different sizes and colours. For a baby's mattress, the size 40 x 90 cm is sufficient, toddlers lie on a mattress with the dimensions 70 x 140 cm and for the mattress of the playpen, the sizes 75 x 100 cm or 100 x 100 cm are required. Jersey sheets are very soft and particularly pliable, while sheets made of Tencel have a temperature-regulating effect. All fitted sheets can be cleaned in the washing machine and dried in the dryer.

Delicate colours for the little ones' duvet covers

Strong colours have a high activation potential. To help the little ones relax and calm down in the evening, these colours are not very suitable for bed linen. Träumeland therefore offers duvet covers, fitted sheets and bed linen sets in delicate pastel shades and with cute motifs. The psychological effect of the colours is used to give the little ones a harmonising balance and thus prepare them for a good night's sleep.