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Träumeland Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags from Träumeland for the best sleep of your child

Why a sleeping bag?

With a sleeping bag from Träumeland you can give your child a good night's sleep. Embedded in high-quality cotton, your offspring will feel comfortable. Thanks to optimal heat regulation and breathable fabrics, there is no excessive heat in the sleeping bag and your baby does not freeze. To ensure that this heat balance is maintained, you need to pay attention to the right size. A rule of thumb says that your child's height plus 10 cm is the ideal sleeping bag size. This gives you a useful guideline. The right size also means that your child has enough freedom of movement and yet his or her head does not slip through the neck opening. A safe sleep is a recurring theme, especially with newborns. If you get a sleeping bag from Träumeland If you get a sleeping bag, you don't need a duvet, which in turn is a safety risk. Midwives and specialists recommend this sleeping option, especially in the first year of life, because there is no danger of the duvet being pulled over the head. A sleeping bag of Träumeland in a simple and lovely design ensures restful dreams for your child and calm and relaxed hours for you as a parent.

Which sleeping bags are available?

In the range from Träumeland you will find summer and winter sleeping bags, those with or without sleeves and with little legs. The latter is especially practical for warm summer nights. The "Tencel To Go" or "Light To Go" allows your child maximum freedom of movement and can be put on like a garment. If the climate in the bedroom is rather warm, you can confidently leave out the socks or put them back on if your child is cold. Of course, you don't need to put on a new sleeping bag every season if the old model still fits. If the winter season arrives and the summer sleeping bag is too thin and your child is often cold, an additional inner sleeping bag is suitable. Before your child slips into the normal sleeping bag, put your offspring into the inner sleeping bag. This provides additional warmth on cold days. You can buy these two elements separately or as a set. This way you always have the possibility to adapt the sleeping equipment to the needs of your child and the temperature conditions of the interior. A pure summer sleeping bag has no additional lining and feels like a light blanket for your child. The 100% cotton outer material is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. The winter sleeping bags are lined and the filling is usually a mixture of polyester and Tencel, like the "Liebmich". The adjustable straps are a practical feature of this model. It accompanies your child for a longer period of time because it grows with the child and is particularly flexible due to its adaptability. The sleeping bags for winter are 2.5 TOG and for summer 0.5 TOG. All models can be washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees without any problems. Träumeland tests all materials for harmful substances and guarantees the highest quality. The moisture-absorbing cotton not only ensures an optimal sleeping climate, but also prevents heat build-up. The zips are positioned so that you can easily change the nappies at night without waking your child. In this way, you enable your darling to sleep undisturbed. If you choose an unlined sleeping bag, you can optionally dress your child in warmer clothes on cold days and get an additional inner sleeping bag. If your child often gets cold quickly at night, a winter sleeping bag may be the better option. Which variant is best for your child depends on the sleeping environment.