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Träumeland Mattresses

High quality sleep with mattresses from Träumeland

A safe sleep is not only important for your baby, but also leads to a relaxed sleep for you. The Träumeland mattresses ensure peaceful and restful nights.

What makes the mattresses from Träumeland so special?

The manufacturer has been on the market for over 50 years and specialises in baby and children's mattresses. The market leader in the premium sector produces 100% of its mattresses in Hofkirchen, Austria. Since 2020, the Träumeland has been one of the climate-neutral manufacturers since 2020, which makes environmentally committed parents happy. Air circulation is a particularly important point that is taken into Träumeland taken care of in the production process. A combination of manual work and high-tech equipment makes it possible to create an optimal ventilation system inside the mattresses. The air-permeable covers allow air to circulate in the mattress core. This step is important in that your baby can breathe freely and no dangerous heat builds up. The lying sides have two different degrees of firmness, which are adapted to the age of your child. From a weight of 12 kilograms, you can turn the mattress over from the baby side to the toddler side so that the pressure distribution matches again.

Which mattress should I choose?

Divided into the categories Basic, Comfort and Premium, you have the choice between different quality levels. All products are based on the point-elastic mattress core, which balances the pressure and distributes the weight evenly. Your baby's spine is thus optimally supported. The core of all mattresses is made of cold foam. In contrast to conventional soft foam, this is better because it is more air-permeable and has an positive for the development of the spine. Your baby still has very soft bones and needs a mattress with a soft firmness level. No matter which model you choose, all mattresses from Träumeland have the right degree of firmness. Up to the age of five, the mattresses from the Austrian manufacturer accompany your child night after night. As soon as your child outgrows the cot, you can switch to a larger model. All models are of impeccable quality and meet the highest demands and standards of Träumeland. Basis:
  • Softwash
  • Rainbow
  • Shooting Star
  • Milky Way
  • Dream Planet
  • Moonlight
  • Forest
  • Polaris
  • Lake
  • Sea of clouds
  • Breeze
  • Mountain

Safe sleeping environment

Träumeland ensures the highest quality of sleep for your baby throughout the entire lying period. Parents who are concerned about the sleep safety of their offspring are probably familiar with the Angel Care system, which stands for safe sleep. A team of experts from Angel Care has tested all models of Träumeland models and certified them as Angel Care compatible. As your baby grows, it also becomes more mobile and wants to explore the world. Safety treads between the mattress and the cot prevent feet from getting caught when the baby gets up.

How easy are the mattresses to clean?

It can happen that something goes wrong during the night. You can take off all the covers and wash them at 60 degrees in the washing machine. If they are suitable for tumble-drying, they will dry more quickly and the bed will be freshly made again. The Öko-Text certificate shows that the materials have been tested for harmful substances and are made of 100% cotton.