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Träumeland Changing pads

Practical changing mats from Träumeland

The benefits of a changing

mat A changing mat from Träumeland serves as a clean and comfortable base to change your baby's nappies. You probably already have a changing table or a fixed place for your baby installed at home. A changing mat complements the place where you change your offspring perfectly. A soft surface that makes it a familiar place for your child and makes diapering pleasant. Not only at home, but also when you are out and about, a changing mat is of Träumeland of useful use. Today, you will find specially equipped changing rooms or at least a changing table in many public facilities and institutions. In some cases, changing mats are already available, but some parents are critical of their cleanliness. With a changing mat from Träumeland you always have your own hygienic and clean mat with you, which you can store in the car as a spare, for example. Even in places where there are no changing rooms, you can easily change your baby's nappy outside on warm days or in the boot of your car, for example.

Variations of changing

mats A changing mat is particularly suitable for use at home. As long as your child can still be changed on the changing table, this pad is extremely comfortable. The lining made of thermo fleece and the upper material made of cotton provide a pleasant warmth during diapering. Should the baby still be cold or generally cold quickly, you can subsequently place a cosy cloth around the changing mat. The curved shape provides a light hold if your baby starts to turn around and kick during changing. The removable cover is machine washable at 30 degrees should it become heavily soiled. Fixed in place, you can place additional useful products such as nappies, ointments, wet wipes or small toys on the changing tray. Due to its size, your child also has enough freedom of movement on the mat. The changing pad as well as the conventional changing mat from Träumeland are lighter versions of the changing mat. Although they are not as thickly padded as the changing mat, they are still cosy for your baby thanks to the thermal fleece filling and ensure that he or she does not get cold during changing.

How long are changing mats necessary?

babies start discovering the world at an early age. One of the biggest danger spots in your own four walls is the changing table. As soon as your baby starts to turn or crawl, changing him or her on a raised level becomes a hazard. Many parents then like to move to the floor or the sofa, which is of course not ideal in terms of comfort. This is exactly what the changing pad is a suitable solution for. Thanks to its handy size and light weight, it is quickly at hand and can be placed flexibly in any location. As long as your child can beposAs long as your child can be changed in the reclining position, changing pads are a practical solution. The covers of the changing mats are water-repellent, which is noticeable in the uncomplicated cleaning. You can easily wash off rough stains or dirt with a damp cloth. The cute designs bring joy to parents and children alike. All products are 100% PVC-free. Träumeland produces all its changing mats in Austria and constantly checks all its products to guarantee the best quality for your baby.