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Water Toy

Imaginative bath toys for children at 4mybaby discover

For most children, the evening bath is an absolute highlight. This is not only because of splashing around in the water, but also because of creative bath toys. Because in combination with water and bath foam, playing is directly even more fun, so that it hardly bothers when mum or dad insist that the hair is washed. Even children who might not be so keen on taking a bath might be more easily persuaded to do so with the right toy. Here at 4mybaby you can expect an extensive range of high-quality water toys that are suitable for use in the bathtub at home as well as in the paddling pool or pool.

Colourful, functional and versatile - our bath toys at a glance

The high-quality water toys from our online shop are made of selected, waterproof materials that dry quickly after use. In addition, they delight with child-friendly and colourful designs as well as a range of fun functions. Many of the cute bath animals can splash water and are therefore perfect for teasing siblings. But the splash animals are also lots of bathing fun on their own. Some of them can do even more than just splash water. We also have bath toys that sing and swim. The varied assortment is rounded off with 4mybaby is rounded off by classic ships and boats, bathing books and small, colourful buckets for scooping up water. To cater for different age groups, we have water toys for babies and toddlers. Many articles can be used from the age of 0.

Suitable accessories for our water toys

Even when the child is not in the bathtub, the toy has to be stored somewhere. Of course, we don't leave you alone with this either and offer you practical accessories for our bathing articles. For example, you can order a toy net from us. It can be attached to the tile surface with the help of suction cups and offers enough space for numerous splash animals, boats and other things. The Sprouts bath tray can also be used for this purpose. It inspires with the shape of a cute water animal whose belly is equipped with a net.

Bathing fun and learning success are not mutually exclusive

Children are inquisitive by nature. They want to understand the world around them and usually soak up information like a sponge. You can also quench this thirst for knowledge while bathing or playing in the water in the garden. Several of our innovative bath toys are directly suitable for this. For example, we have play letters and numbers for the bath. These are waterproof and so light that they float on the surface of the water. With the colourful letters, children can put their name or other words into the water. Once the letters and numbers have become wet, they can also be stuck to the edge of the bathtub. But the colourful bath puzzles also have an educational effect. They train children's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Of course, they also provide lots of bathing fun. Because the clever puzzles float like islands on the surface of the water!

Water fun in the bathtub and outdoors

All the water toys you can buy in our online shop are suitable for use in the bathtub as well as in the pool and paddling pool. In the summer, you can also let your children play outdoors with our wide range of products. As the toys are designed for children of a young age, they only have soft, rounded edges, so they usually won't damage the paddling pool or pool tarpaulin either.

Find the right water toy

We stock a huge range of modern, high quality bath toys from manufacturers such as. Aladine, Bieco, CaaOcho and many others. If you want to search for a specific manufacturer or want to buy water toys for a specific age group, then simply use the practical filter function on our page. You can also choose individual bath toys or buy complete sets directly at a great price.