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Stack of toys

Stacking toys for future architects

Toddlers are extremely inquisitive and learn at a fast pace. Parents are therefore well advised to offer their offspring age-appropriate toys. Stacking toys can be used for early childhood development from the age of 9 months. There are stacking toys in different shapes, for example as a ring tower. There are several coloured plastic rings on a plastic stick, which the child can put on the stick according to their size.

Why is the stacking toy good for development?

Stacking toys, like other toys, are very important for age-appropriate development. This type of toy especially promotes getting to know the colours, because the rings each have a different shade of colour. Furthermore, the child's motor skills are promoted, it learns with the stacking toy to push the rings onto a stick.

As already described, children primarily learn the basic colours with stacking toys. Another advantage, besides the development of motor skills, is the learning of patience: the stacking toy has to be stacked carefully in the stacking tower, for example. Colours and motor skills can also be learnedwith different toys.

Fun with stacking toys

To ensure that the little ones have lots of fun, it is important to make sure that the rings or other components are always complete. They will also be happy to have a little help, especially at the beginning.

The toy is already available from the age of nine months. At the latest at the age of two, the child is too big for this. Inaddition to stacking toys ,bouncing and rocking animals or active toys arealso suitable for children of this age .