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Pull and Push

Pulling and pushing toys

A versatile activity for children is toys that can be pushed or pulled, the so-called pull & push toys. The products can be funny figures or locomotives with wagons.

The advantages of toys that can be pushed or pulled are, on the one hand, the promotion of movement and, on the other hand, the improvement of motor skills. For example, the children have to make sure that the figure does not fall over when they are pushing or pulling it.

Pulling toys encourage movement

Generally, care should be taken whether the toddler toy is used indoors or outdoors. If the children play with them outdoors, the materials and colours must be robust and weatherproof and the toy itself must be wipeable.

The pull-along & push toys are suitable for an age at which the child can already walk. As a rule, this is possible from the age of 10 months. Push and pull toys are usually played with until the child is 3 years old. Other additions to the toy box are stacking toys, cuddly toys or active toys.