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Play rugs - colourful play worlds for little explorers

What is a play mat?

The term play rug is actually a collective term. It is used for all kinds of blankets, mats, carpets and other rugs that serve as a base when children play on the floor. The classic play mat, which many still know from their childhood, is the thin felt mat with streets and houses printed on it. Car races could be held on this children's carpet and imaginative cities could be built with building blocks. In addition to the classic motif carpets, there are numerous other innovative carpets and underlays available today.

When is a play rug useful for children?

A play rug makes sense in any case when the floor in the children's room or in the preferred play place is hard and cold. Play rugs are also a good thing on rough, hard carpeting. Children sit on the floor a lot when playing and slide around on their knees. Play mats or play rugs protect against chilling, are easy on the knees and trousers and encourage creative play with child-friendly colours and motifs.

Play rugs can also be used as a kind of dirt trap. A baby that is placed on the floor to play tends to spit up when lying on its stomach. A play mat or crawling rug is more comfortable to clean than a carpet. On very slippery floors, the colourful mats, as long as they are non-slip, ensure that the toddler does not slip away too often during the first attempts at walking. And last but not least, parents who play along sit much more comfortably on the rugs than on the hard floor.

Which play rug is right for my child?

If you have a baby or toddler at home, a well-padded crawling rug is just the thing. Young babies in particular still have very sensitive heads, so they should be placed in a particularly soft and gentle position. The soft blankets protect your child from too hard contact with the floor during its first rolling and crawling attempts.

From toddler age onwards, children have a lot of fun with puzzle mats that invite them to sit, crawl, hop and balance. They are ideal for crawling and romping around and promote motor skills, as the children can put the puzzle mats together themselves again and again to form new shapes and patterns.

Children who like to create their own kingdoms and build creatively while playing will take great pleasure in the classic play rugs, which are available in numerous variations. These motif play rugs are well suited for children from about 2 years of age. Whether girl or boy, there is something for every taste in the many colourful play worlds.

The dimensions you choose for the children's rug depend a little on the space available in your home. We have the right sizes on offer for both cramped and spacious flats.

Which material is recommended for a children's rug?

Cotton is a very popular material/fabric for play mats. It is easy to care for, kind to the skin and easy to clean. Lined mats usually contain a filling of polyester fibres. This material cushions well, keeps its shape and is suitable for allergy sufferers. Together with a cotton cover, this combination is ideal for babies and crawling children.

The colourful puzzle mats, which are often decorated with numbers, letters or other motifs, are made of hardened foam. This makes them firm on the surface and sufficiently cushion them under stress. These play mats are easy to clean with a damp cloth, which is a big plus, especially with young children.

For lively children, make sure that the back of the play mat has a non-slip impregnation. This way, the mat will always stay in place even during wild play.