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Playing pieces

Play fun with play figures - animals, bending dolls made of wood.

Children love to build mini worlds and fill them with life. We carry high-quality wooden toys for creative play, dexterity and imagination. Play figures, colourful, shaped wooden building blocks, houses or farms open up great play worlds. The pretty little figures of people and animals encourage a variety of games.

Wooden figures for moving play worlds

The brand Spielba has developed beautiful play figures for children from the age of three. There is the cute peasant family with father, mother and two children. The little wooden figures are articulated dolls that can be moved as desired. The clothes of the pretty bendy dolls are made of fabric that is free of harmful substances. The dolls have friendly faces, blond or brown hair made of ecological material. The wooden figures can liven up the farm set from Eichhorn liven up. From Spielba there are also great wooden play pieces. Use them to build a farm yourself with your child for the Farm Family and Animals sets. A ready-made stable is also available from Spielba also available. It is best to buy the family several times so that there are enough bending dolls available.

Farms are very popular for role play. Children love to populate the farm with lots of animals. The set Spielba animals include a horse, cow, pigs, dog and cat, chickens and a baby calf. Again, buy several sets for varied, lively play.

Fire brigade - figures made of wood

Firemen exert a special fascination on children. The small movable firemen are originally dressed and equipped. Each bent doll comes with its own accessories. There is the fire extinguisher, the breathing apparatus, an axe and a megaphone. The active firemen will make sure that no playhouse or barn burns down. Your children will play with these pretty figures with enthusiasm.

Wooden toys - versatile, ecologically safe

In our shop you will find wooden toys that encourage active, creative play. The toys are easy for children to grasp. Toys made of wood are natural, pleasant to grip. The sets with figures and the playing pieces are easy to clean and indestructible. The world of play opens up great play Scratch play world with different boxes. There are sets for the farm, the garage or the safari box. Each set also comes with small wooden figures. New environments can always be built for the many wooden figures. They get to experience a lot on a farm, in the stable or in the house, work, play, put out fires and look after the animals.

How are the play figures painted?

The wooden figures as well as the houses and playing pieces are finished with paints that are free of harmful substances. All figures are free of harmful additives.

How many sets of wooden figures should the child get?

You can start with one set of figures and gradually add two or three sets.

Where can I find simple play figures?

There are sets with figures and an environment and single figure sets. We offer wooden bending dolls in the category "Play figures".