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Play kitchens and accessories

Children's kitchens: Creative play worlds for little cooks

"Mummy, the noodles are ready!" When the little ones call mummy and daddy from the nursery to come and eat, their hearts beat faster. The dish created in the play kitchen is proudly presented to the parents. No matter whether it's a cute kitchen unit from Hapecorner play kitchen or L-shaped children's kitchen - there are hardly any limits to the creativity of kitchen designers for children's rooms. When choosing a kitchen for children, there are different criteria to consider. A wide variety of toy kitchens and accessories made of wood or other solid materials are available for boys and girls. Some kitchens even "grow" with the child. This means that it can be converted so that the little and big cooks can still play with it and experience real fun even at school age.

Multifunctional and suitable for children - the modern toy kitchen for all ages

Class instead of mass: The basic characteristics of a play kitchen are stability, solidity and stability. The material - whether wood or plastic - should be hard-wearing, robust and durable. To prevent the little ones from hurting themselves, it is important that there are no sharp edges and that no screws or small knobs stick out. When buying a new children's kitchen, it is also important to make sure that there are no small parts. However, most models include the typical kitchen gadgets such as forks, knives or other sharp objects. It is therefore worth taking a close look and checking the age specifications.

What types of children's kitchens are there?

A distinction is made between wooden and plastic play kitchens. Natural materials score points for their ecologically valuable character and are therefore harmless. Nevertheless, plastic kitchens are also excellent companions in the playroom. In any case, parents are well advised to check the surface quality of the kitchen for possible harmful substances in the paint or glaze. Size is also important. Children should not have to stretch too much to operate or retrieve certain elements of the kitchen. The toy kitchen should also be designed in such a way that boys and girls do not have to bend down too far. The easier it is to reach all the things, the more comfortable the kids will feel when playing.

Why I should buy my child a children's kitchen

There are many good reasons to buy children a play kitchen. It gives them the opportunity to put into practice in their own kitchen the hand movements that they learn from mum or dad when cooking, frying and sizzling. They can feel like the grown-ups and act out the "typical characteristics" of a housewife or househusband. Playing together with other children in the kitchen also promotes the development of the boys and girls. The little ones learn to agree with each other, they learn to share and to interact harmoniously with other "cooks" and "junior gourmets". A play kitchen is ideal for promoting sociability during play or social interaction. Role-playing games such as "father, mother, child" are particularly fun in a play kitchen. Another aspect that should be emphasised is that children's kitchens are ideal for playing alone. In fact, it is important for a healthy, independent personality development to learn to occupy oneself with oneself as well.

Buying a children's kitchen - for what age?

Because many children's kitchens contain small parts that can be swallowed, such as control knobs on the oven, small cutlery parts, etc., most models are only offered for children over the age of 3. Nevertheless, there are also kitchens for babies that are designed to be particularly child-friendly. Even at the age of just a few months, children can turn on the light in the oven, listen to musical sounds or watch colour games by turning large knobs. In addition, baby kitchens are usually equipped with cute children's figures and funny stickers that make the eyes of the little bundles of joy light up in no time.

Kitchens from the age of 3 are also suitable for older boys and girls. High-quality models can be designed with special accessories so that even older children can still enjoy cooking in the nursery. In play kitchens in this product category, for example, shelves can be removed or additional features can be integrated. Some appliances that are integrated into the play kitchen even shine with their electrical properties. Whether with battery or with power cable - safety is always a top priority.

It's not just the very little ones who love to let off steam to their heart's content in a children's kitchen. Experience has shown that older girls and boys are also enthusiastic hobby cooks. They are enthusiastic and can't get enough of pampering their siblings, mummy and daddy as well as grandma and grandpa. Whether with self-created delicacies or with the help of plastic creations: Fried eggs made of pollutant-free plastic, plastic noodles from the pack, fruit and vegetable knock-offs and much more are included in a toy kitchen, depending on the model. So many highlights stimulate the imagination and inspire young people to become "top chefs".


Many adults still fondly remember when they were allowed to play in their own kitchen and "prepare the food" in their childhood. How nice that the variety of offers with regard to toy kitchens is so wonderfully diverse today.