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Cuddly toys

Unforgettable companions: Cuddly toys as faithful friends for babies and children

The first cuddly toy in the life of babies and children is usually something very special and remains in the memory for a long time. Whether dogs, teddy bears, rabbits or other plush and stuffed animals, in the life of a child they become loyal companions in good and hard times. They are more than just toys and plush figures, but true friends.

The large selection of cuddly toys

The range of cute companions is huge and grows every day. When choosing a cuddly toy, however, you should make sure that it is suitable for your child's age. The age recommendation, which is usually given by the manufacturer, provides information about the safety of the cuddly toy. For example, no small parts should be easy to remove, as these can be swallowed. Eyes and patterns should be sewn in, especially for babies, so that there is no danger of them being swallowed. In general, you should choose cuddly toys for babies and toddlers that do not have any hard parts to minimise the risk of injury to your child. Also, cuddly toys that are too big should only become bedmates with older children, as the child can pull them towards him or her and thus also be in danger. It is therefore recommended that you obtain information from popular toy manufacturers such as NICI, Sterntaler or Fisher-Price. There you will not only find a large selection of inexpensive cuddly toys, but also informative descriptions that can make your choice easier. In addition to the shape and child-safe processing, you should also pay attention to easy cleaning and good material of the cuddly toy. This should be soft, cuddly and in any case free of harmful substances. Once you have decided on a plush figure, a cuddle cloth or a cushion, the next choice is up to your child. Different cuddly toys can be placed next to the child so that they can choose their new friend themselves. A number of three to four cuddly toys in the bed is ideal.

A cuddly toy as a friend

According to studies, children perceive themselves as individuals from the age of 8 months. A cuddly toy is therefore often one of the first objects to which babies and toddlers form a close bond. At first, even a short distance from mum and dad can be unfamiliar for your child. A cuddly toy helps with this. This simulates the warmth and love that your child needs. This is followed by falling asleep alone for the first time, kindergarten, a fight with the siblings or an illness. Every day, your child is exposed to a multitude of influences. A cuddly toy can provide emotional support, comfort and company and help your child to cope with its own first worries and problems. In this way, children can not only cuddle with their soft toy, but also play with it and confide their worries to it.

Caring for cuddly toys

Meanwhile, cuddly toys are not only the nightly help to fall asleep, but are also companions in the kindergarten or when visiting grandma and grandpa. This means that not only dirt but also many germs get on the cuddly toy. To ensure that your child's cute plush figure does not become a breeding ground for bacteria and mites, you should not dispense with personal hygiene for teddy bears, dolls and other toys. In most cases, the manufacturer already recommends suitable cleaning. The washing flag indicates whether it is possible to wash the toy in the washing machine or whether it should be washed by hand in warm soapy water. When washing in a machine, make sure to use a mild, compatible detergent and a low spin cycle. In addition, you can use a laundry bag to prevent, for example, the unravelling of seams or the loss of ears, arms and legs. To restore the cuddly toy's cuddly soft fur, we recommend gently drying it in the air. However, the cuddly toy should be laid flat during this process, as hanging it on the washing line puts strain on the delicate fabric and there is a risk that the cuddly toy will become deformed. The fur can also be combed. It is important to give your child the cuddly toy to cuddle only when it is completely dry on the outside as well as on the inside.

Finally, it should be said that a cuddly toy often accompanies children into young adulthood. Whether it's a lion, teddy bear, cat, elephant or doll, they are the first friends in your child's life and are loved dearly.