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Car and Railways

Car & train sets - play worlds for the very young and the somewhat older ones.

At the age of one and a half, toddlers begin to orientate themselves in space. They begin to crawl and walk and discover the possibility of moving around in space. They independently implement this experience by continuing this locomotion with their little cars and locomotives. This experience of locomotion in interaction with the developing interests and the resulting decisions of the small child cannot be valued highly enough. Children gain important experiences through play and all by themselves.

There are cars and trains made of wood, plastic and both. Which material you choose is not important for your child. What is important is that you make sure that the toys are age-appropriate. Very young children cannot grasp things well yet. They need large parts that they can hold in their hands and touch. The more colourful the better. Large parts are also safer because they cannot be swallowed. Slightly older children can handle smaller toys better. They have more concrete ideas about their surroundings and need ways to express their interest in their environment.

Car and train sets are available for all ages, either individually or in sets. There are also starter sets for the very young. Railways with their network of tracks and the car tracks are worlds apart. That's why the sets are especially nice for your children. They contain entire themed worlds. There are villages with bridges, houses and trees in the set. There are underwater worlds with trains and carriages in maritime shapes and colours. There are jungle worlds with wagons in the shape of exotic animals. For the somewhat older among the little ones, there are also special adventure worlds in the set, for example an emergency station with police or a harbour with loading cranes, level crossings and side tracks. The car racetracks are also available with two tracks. The little ones can have real races with their siblings.

Fun on the railways and on the car racing track

Boys and girls love car and train tracks. Two children can immerse themselves wonderfully in their play world, ride trains together or have car races against each other. These play worlds stimulate the little ones' imagination. Children can also immerse themselves in their big little world all by themselves and experience their very own stories.

There are battery-operated locomotives. This variant also fascinates children. They can watch as the little train gets going and travels along the tracks - with lights and sounds. These vehicles are probably the children's first access to a real machine. Is there a playful way to introduce children to the world of technology?

Depending on the make and model, there are accessories that can be purchased. This way, car and train sets can grow with your child. The rail network or the racetrack can be expanded and the play world that has become small can be enlarged with new houses, traffic signs or pedestrians. With age, curiosity also grows. The children formulate more concretely what they still want. Plastic toys become more interesting because they offer more possibilities. They can be put together and taken apart. The children learn through play to concentrate and have patience.