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rocking animal

Bouncing and rocking animals: Ideal for child development

Bouncing, swinging, climbing, balancing, running - children like to move almost continuously. Movement is of great advantage, because it is the basis for an positive physical and mental development. The youngest ones try things out, develop motor and cognitive skills and, last but not least, a healthy self-confidence.

Brightly coloured bouncy animals promote the joy of movement

Fire-engine red horses, pink dogs or sky-blue cows, with their child-friendly appearance and soft, easy-care materials, they are suitable for children from the age of 2. The funny bouncy figures not only promote motor skills, sense of balance and coordination, but also bring pure play fun. When choosing, you can look out for robust materials and good workmanship. To ensure that the bouncy animal is always ready for play, the addition of an air pump is ideal.

Rocking animals - practical toys in many variations

It has been proven that rocking has a beneficial effect on the body and organism. The good old rocking horse is therefore far from being obsolete. The classic toy for children made of wood is still a hit in the children's room. True-to-the-original versions have leather stirrups and bridles, a saddle and the obligatory wooden runners. Robustness, a stable frame and high-quality workmanship are important purchase criteria for you. Modern designs made of light, easy-to-clean materials enrich the product range today. They are inexpensive to buy and ideal for playing outside.

Tried and tested toys and utensils for toddlers

In addition to bouncing and rocking animals, you as a parent have a wealth of suitable toys for your little offspring. Toys made of wood and natural materials are particularly suitable for occupying the little ones. Stacking games, toys to push or pull, water or motor skills toys encourage your toddler in his development. Child-friendly materials and colourful designs invite them to play and keep busy. For the health and safety of your little one, you can also choose from high-quality baby equipment for at home or on the go.