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Picture book for babies and toddlers

Children love to listen to the quiet voice of their parents. Therefore, reading together is an evening ritual in many families. Picture books are adapted to the needs of the little ones. The short stories take into account the still rather limited attention span of children. Play elements such as flaps and sliding elements invite active participation in the story.

When should you start reading picture books to your child?

When should you start reading children's books to your child? There is basically no restriction. If your child enjoys your voice and you have the muse to do so, you can read to your child even during pregnancy. When exactly your child shows active interest varies from individual to individual. Most children want to "read along" with their picture books by the time they enter kindergarten at the latest.

What picture books are there?

Personalised picture books involve your child imaginatively in the story. But there are very different books for children: hidden object books are full of surprises that have to be found. Learning books, on the other hand, deal with factual topics. Crackle books make noises when your child touches the pages. Some books even makemusic and squeak, honk, jingle or rattle. Children's books for playing invite discovery: Here, soft fabric inserts can be touched, tried out, pressed or unfolded. Some children's books are made entirely of fabric.

Reading as an evening ritual

A personalised picture book allows your child to find itself in the story. Your child will get suggestions for action through the course of the story. Books for children are geared to children's everyday lives so that it helps your child grow mentally. Read children's books together with your child every evening before going to sleep, preferably the same books for children over and over again. As your child will soon know the stories by heart, the evening ritual has a calming effect and helps to process the experiences of the day.At the same time, picture books help to learn to read and write more easily later on. Books for children introduce your child slowly and in a child-friendly way to the literary tradition. Doyou have enough bookshelves in your child's room?