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Baby balls

Toy balls for future kickers

Messi, Ronaldo, Beckham - they all started out small. From ball baths to softballs to the first football, we have compiled all the possibilities for you to bring your child into contact with the round sports equipment at an early age. Not interested in football? That doesn't matter at all. If your child prefers to play with stacking toys like the Yookidoo stacking tower, there is also the one with balls. Made of plastics, wood, rubber or textile - balls simply do it all. They are the ideal toy for indoors and outdoors because of the many activities they offer. They stimulate the imagination, challenge children to find ever new rules and encourage them to challenge the social fabric.

Make sure that the ball is age-appropriate for your child. A football pumped up hard in full-size leather probably won't sweep your two-year-old off his feet (but it will sweep his dad off his feet, but that's another story). Small children do better with smaller balls, and the weight has to be right too. Of course, they can only kick outside when they can stand on their own feet and run ... Constructions like the Oball are perfect for the very youngest: the lattice construction encourages grasping, the colourful structures want to be explored with all the senses. As long as the size, weight and material are right, balls are the perfect toy for every age group.