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Active toys

Activity and motor skills toys for toddlers.

Colourful blocks pile up in front of your child. Triangles, circles, cubes. Your child grabs a block, puts it in the opening of its box. Doesn't it fit? Okay, the next opening ... You've done it! Satisfied and grinning, your child grabs the next piece and tries again.

Motor skills toys and educational toys are usually very popular with children from the age of about six months. Toys develop skills such as marksmanship, balance and your child's gross to fine motor skills. Educational toys, on the other hand, often address cognitive skills as well: With educational toys, your child learns to know and associate shapes and colours, understands simple physical principles, and thus slowly opens up his or her environment. Whether your child's toy is made of wood or plastic is up to your personal preference. Colourful stacking cups, large play reels and attractively designed fishing games invite discovery.

Motor skills toys for fun and entertainment

Motor skills toys for children should not have sharp edges and corners. Every educational toy in our range is designed so that your child can play with it safely: There are no small parts that can be swallowed, the motor skills toys and educational toys are made of materials that are harmless to health. We only include toddler toys in our range that come from trustworthy manufacturers.

The age at which your child can use educational toys and enjoy playing depends on his or her development. Generally, manufacturers state 6 months or older as the starting age. But every child develops at its own pace. Use the age given as a rough guide when buying motor skills toys for your child. Most educational toys are designed to help your child develop motor and cognitive skills over a longer period of time.