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Children's swing

Safe and relaxed swinging

For children, there is hardly anything better than swinging. There is a lot of playground equipment on playgrounds, but the swings are hot and constantly occupied. Children feel free on the swing, with the wind around their noses and the constant movement that feels like flying. Even the very youngest love this kind of recreational activity. However, toddlers need other swings in which they can sit safely and firmly and still have fun.

Hours of safe swinging fun

Whether it's a free-standing, suspended or indoor baby swing, there is an ideal swing for every child. This play equipment is available in wood or plastic, in many colours and with single or double seats. However, safety is important. Baby swings must meet certain minimum safety requirements. For example, they bear a TÜV seal and the GS certificate, because this means that these devices have been tested and can be used without hesitation. Wooden swings need safety rods or lines and safety belts as well as safety barriers so that the child does not fall out of the swing. Plastic swings need handles to hold on to and a safety barrier for safe and firm sitting.

Fun in the garden from the start

Swings for toddlers, whether made of wood or plastic, can be used from the age of 6 months. Many swings can even be used for years, as they can be used without a safety bar from the age of three and as a normal swing without a backrest from primary school age. Outdoor swings can be mounted according to age. It is important that the maximum payload is not exceeded so that the child can swing safely. They should only be mounted on poles provided for this purpose; the ropes and rings are often supplied with the swings.

For children who do not like to swing alone or who have siblings and are already of kindergarten age, there are outdoor swings for two. These gondolas have safety elements such as impact protection and safety suspensions. The two swinging children sit opposite each other and can hold on to the sides.