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Sand toys

Fun in the sand: the right sandbox and accessories for outdoors

No sooner do the outdoor temperatures climb a little and the first rays of sunshine of the year reach us, than we, especially the children, are drawn to the outdoors. After all, what could be better for the little ones than to romp around outdoors and experiment in the sandbox? There are no limits to their imagination, because even the smallest ones can conjure up the most beautiful figures, with or without the help of sand moulds and accessories. And even the parents or grandparents often get carried away with "cake baking". So nothing stands in the way of a fun-filled family day.

An important factor when playing with sand is choosing the right sandbox and accessories.

Sandpit models

If you are not yet in possession of a sandbox, 4mybaby.ch offers the right model for every situation and taste. Whether octagonal, square or round, with or without a parasol or perhaps even a sand-water combination, the selection from 4mybaby.ch meets all needs.

Small tip:
If there are cats in the neighbourhood or even at home, it is worth having a sandbox with a cover or a tarpaulin. Because their "leftovers" are not only undesirable, but also unhygienic.

Material - wood or plastic

4mybaby.ch has sandboxes made of a wide variety of materials in its range.

The sandboxes of the well-known brand Roba, for example, are made of glazed solid wood, which comes from sustainable forestry. This not only ensures weather resistance, but 4mybaby.ch also makes a significant contribution to environmental protection


In addition to wooden sandboxes, we also offer sandboxes from other well-known brands that are made of robust, water- and UV-resistant plastic. This prevents fading and guarantees brilliant colours for a long time. Sandboxes made of plastic also have the advantage that they are easy to clean.

Sand moulds, buckets & co

Buckets, shovels and rakes are the classics among sand toys. Usually, children do not need more to be creative in the sandbox or on the beach and, for example, to build a sandcastle. With just a few utensils, children's imagination is stimulated and they can develop their artistic talents.

For a little more variety, however, various sand moulds and accessories are available from us in all kinds of designs and variations.
To get started, one of the multi-part sets is particularly suitable. These sets contain the basics such as a shovel, bucket and rake, as well as a selection of various extras.

So little builders and cake bakers are well equipped for holidays at the seaside or for the sandbox at home.