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High quality outdoor toys children

Summer is a season that not only adults love. Children also have fun romping around outdoors, feeling the sun on their skin and playing great games. With outdoor toys for children, you are sure to make your child very happy now.

From slides for the garden to paddling pools

Girls and boys are naturally enthusiastic about play equipment such as a colourful slide! It's time to get out into the garden early in the morning! We have these models available in different, age-appropriate versions. Swings and sand toys for the sandbox or beach are also very popular.

In addition to playground equipment for the garden or terrace, we also have a huge range of toys for all ages. Take a look at thewide selection of toys and choosebaby toys, toddler toys or suitable children's toys depending on their age .

Invite your children to have fun in the bath

How about a nice paddling pool? Invite your child to have fun in the water with our original pool made of high quality and soft material! Please note that you must never leave your child alone when bathing. Even a small amount of water can lead to death by drowning in small children. Therefore, always stay with your child when they are enjoyingthe fun in thepaddling pool. By the way, we also offer suitable water toys for children in our shop!