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Outdoor toys

It is good at any time of year when children can play outside often and for a long time. Whether in their own garden, on the balcony or out and about like at the beach or in the park, the fresh air and exercise outside are very important for the healthy development of your children. Our articles for outdoor play and fun are all well suited for outdoor use. However, some can also be used well indoors as an alternative.

Play tents stimulate the imagination

In our sub-category for play tents you will find a wide variety of design ideas for your children. Some of the play tents are more suitable for boys, others for girls. However, many are also themed and therefore also very much stimulate the imagination to live out entire fantasy stories in them. As an alternative to the garden, our play tents are also very suitable for setting up in the children's room during the cold season. The little ones love to use them there too.

Everything for outdoor bathing fun

When it's warm enough, there's nothing better for children than bathing and splashing around in the garden. Our paddling pools and pools offer a wide selection here. Alternatively, you can find imaginative water worlds in our Outdoor sub-category. Just take your time and look around to see what other water fun would go well with the pool in the garden. If you like, we will also be happy to advise you, for example, on the right bathing fun for your child's age. Of course, we also have great fashion for swimming on offer.

Driving fun for small and big children

Our sub-category for driving fun is very extensive. Here you will find everything for your children that has wheels and also the matching accessories. Whether it's a walker, a slide, a running bike, a scooter, a bicycle, a Sporty or a scooter, here you can discover everything that can make driving fun for your children. There are also ideas for school, so that the heavy school bag doesn't have to be carried, but can ride along comfortably. For the winter, you will find various sledges and lots of other accessories that make sledging safe for the little ones too. It's best to take a little time to look around this category at your leisure. In our safety category we have more articles for the safety of your little darlings.

All other ideas for outdoor play

Whether it's a sandpit, paddling pool, beach shell, watering can, soap bubbles, sidewalk chalk or the accessories for the little gardeners among the children, we have summarised ideas for the outdoor area for you and your children in our sub-category Outdoor. Garden slides, swings or your own lawn mower and flower table for your child are of course also included. We always keep our eyes open for new ideas. That's why it's always worth taking a look here to see what's new in outdoor toys.

Practical things to tidy up the toys

It is also important for your children to be able to tidy up their toys, because what could be worse than not being able to find an important element of a play world? Tears can flow from time to time. That's why we have created a corner for you where everything is stored that is suitable for tidying up and transporting toys. We have called it Miscellaneous. Here you will find fun toy boxes, toy baskets, toy bags for hanging and other hanging devices for keeping things tidy, but also our practical bags for taking toys with you in many cheerful patterns and colours.