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storage for children's toys

Toy storage for cuddly toys, dolls and co.

Puzzles and books, games and cuddly toys must be tidied up after playing. Even small children should be encouraged to put thetoys they haveused away in baskets or boxes atlunchtime or in the evening . We therefore offer a wide selection of visually appealing products in our storage section that your child can use to tidy up. For example, how about natural fabric bags in different designs or even smaller shelves? After filling them with toys, the utensils can then simply be put away in the cupboard or chest of drawers and brought out again the next day.

Boxes decorated with funny animal pictures

Zebra or giraffe, horse or snake, the products are decorated with funny animal pictures that not only look great but also have a practical use: Thechild will eventually know exactly which toy is in which storage if it always puts the toys in the same place . This makes tidying up even more fun.