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Tricycle accessories

Accessories for the tricycle

With the right accessories , thetricyclebecomes even more interesting for the youngest. A Hornet, which is available in many bright colours, is a must-have tricycle accessory. With coloured LED lights, 25 different sounds and the great wing clips, it will delight every child. Provisions, the favourite animal and anything else that needs to be transported goes in the trailer, which is easily attached to the tricycle. You are sure to find something in the accessories for the other children's vehicles that will delight the young rider .

Your child should never be out and aboutwithout a helmet. This important tricycle accessory protects the little head. The safety belt is also a useful tricycle accessory, because after all, coordination has to be learned first. Check regularly that the buckles on the helmet and harness are still intact. An occasional cleaning of the buckles ensures that they do not accidentally come undone. If you then check the tyres, the handlebars and all the screws on the tricycle, you have already done a lot for safety. Our tricycle accessories such as harness and helmet are safety certified and offer you tested quality.