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bobby car accessories

Scooter accessories for children

It's comfortable, robust and doesn't resent any playfulness: among all the children's vehicles, the Bobbycar has been at the top for decades. Both indoors and outdoors, the Bobbycar will provide years of service because it can carry a load of up to 50 kg. With extras such as shoe protectors, number plates or the blue light, it promises lots of fun.

But we don 't just have plenty of accessories for theoriginal Bobbycar, but also for all the other slides and scooters. While parents will be delighted with the practical push bar on the scooters and tricycles, their children will love the tow rope, traffic sign set or pylons. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Accessories that BIG has developed for the Bobbycar impress with their high quality, break resistance and durability. And if the sturdy tyres wear out during a hot race outside, there is a spare set so that the game can continue.