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Children's scooter

On the move with a scooter

A scooter is a fast way to get around. In order to get where you want to go safely, you need a good sense of balance and physical dexterity. Some children are able to do this from the age of two, others not until they are three. Until they are ready, the youngest are better off on a tricycle or a slide. It is not easy for the youngest to operate the foot brake. It is important to have a non-slip footboard so that the child can stand safely even in wet conditions or with dirty shoes. It is best for the youngsters to use a model with a safety certificate to minimise the risk of injury.

The scooter is available in various designs. Wood is environmentally friendly and robust. Like the plastic scooter, it is suitable for indoor use and rather smooth surfaces. Round edges and wide standing areas make it the ideal vehicle for the little ones. The metal scooter can really get down to business. It does not immediately take offence at rough treatment by the youngsters. It is the most durable of the scooters and is ideal for older children. The tyres are also made of different materials. Plastic tyres tend to be hard, but light. On a flat, paved surface, your child will make good progress with them. Pneumatic tyres are a little heavier, but they absorb shocks and run more smoothly. They can be used on any terrain.

Wear a helmet when riding a scooter

As always on the road, safety is important. Scooter riders should also wear a well-fitting helmet. A magnetic light and bell ensure that the little rider is seen and heard in good time. A cable lock secures the vehicle when it is parked unattended. A backpack for scooter riders is practical, with room for a drink and much more. So that the younger - or older - siblings can also experience their driving fun, we carry a lot of children's vehicles. Our range extends frombaby slides to youth bikes.