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Pedal car

Pedal cars and vehicles for children

A pedal car, also known under the brand name Kettcar, offers fast-paced driving fun. It is therefore only suitable for older children who can really steer and brake. Entry-level models are available for children from the age of three; younger children are better off on atricycle or aslide. The pedal drive, the handbrake and the ability to make steep turns are particularly appealing to boys and girls who would like to become racing drivers one day. The seat of many models is adjustable so that it grows with your child.

Safety is a top priority for pedal cars. The TÜV seal and safety certificate ensure that you can let your child drive this vehicle safely. A helmet is advisable when driving fast, even if the pedal car is safely on the road. If you prefer to ride standing up or sitting on the saddle, choose a running bike or a bicycle fromall the popular children's vehicles. But here, too, don't forget the safety helmet!