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Ladder trolley

Ladder stroller for the slightly older kids

Shopping with a child, but the child has long outgrown the pram age? No problem, that's why we have the ladder trolley! All the shopping fits in here and if the child doesn't feel like walking any more, he or she can rest in the ladder trolley and they can still get on.

A ladder wagon is a two-axle small wagon equipped with a drawbar for pulling. The name is derived from the side walls, which are shaped like ladders in the original wooden version. Today, ladder trolleys are not only available in the classic wooden version with ladder walls, but also with closed walls and in foldable plastic.

Ladder trolleys for on the move

Ladder trolleys are extremely practical and fun to drive. They can be used to transport many things: Shopping, beer crates, empties or firewood can be transported simply and easily in a ladder truck. If you don't want to take the car for every short trip and still have to transport more than you can carry, the ladder truck is the ideal helper. Children like to be pulled in the ladder truck or to drive each other around in it. However, they should bear in mind that a ladder truck has no brakes and can tip over if driven wildly. It is therefore better to allow your children to enjoy the ride only under supervision so that no injuries occur. When buying a ladder truck, make sure you know how much weight it can carry so that you don't overload it.

Ladder trolleys are available in a classic wooden look or in a modern foldable plastic design. Foldable ladder trucks are particularly practical if you want to transport the truck in your car. Simply fold up the ladder trolley, pack it into the car to save space and off you go to the zoo or on a hiking tour! At your destination, unfold it, load it with luggage, provisions, mackintosh, toys and whatever else you need and off you go.