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Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles for children: Little racing drivers practise early!

A Formula 1 driver starts practising very early. With the electric vehicles, your little angel can learn how to manoeuvre and drive one of these vehicles.
With the electric vehicle, the child can have fun indoors and outdoors. The accelerator determines the speed and the steering wheel can be used to steer the vehicle.
Depending on the model, there is a reverse gear and two seats to take the best friend along. The electric vehicles are built in great detail and are almost on a par with the original vehicles.
With the lights and mirrors, the vehicle is roadworthy on the play streets and will fascinate your little angel. The integrated batteries mean the electric vehicle can be charged and used.
The electric vehicles are recommended from around 2 years old. Choose the perfect first car with your angel, be it a tractor, quad bike, scooter or a sports car. With all the children's horsepower, the tour can start. Other toys are of course also available in our online shop!