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Children's bike

How big should the children's bike be?

In contrast to the scooter, where it is sufficient if the handlebars are adjustable, it is important that the wheels of the children's bike for boys and girls are the right size. If the child's legs reach the ground when the saddle is set low, the tyre size is correct.

The right bicycle size depends on the height of your child:

from 95 body height cm - children's bike with 12 inches

from 100 cm tall - 14 inch children's bike

From 105 cm tall - 16 inch children's bike

From 110 cm tall - 18 inch children's bike

120 and over - 20 inch children's bike

From 135 cm tall - 22 inch children's bike

From 140 cm tall - 24 inch children's bike

The most important accessory for a children's bike is a helmet to protect your child in the event of a fall. Support wheels, which are easy to fit, make it easier for your child to start their cycling career. Lights and bells increase road safety on children's bikes. Regularly check the screws on the child's bike and tighten them if necessary with the tools provided. If you clean and maintain the bike together with the child, the joy will last for a long time.