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Bicycle accessories

Accessories for the children's bike

The right accessories make cycling even more fun. A stylish bell alerts others that the young cyclist is coming. For beginners, there are stable support wheels to help with balance in the beginning. The luminous Mini Hornit with wing screws, light and sound adds to both fun and safety. We also have accessories for runabikes, tricycles, scooters and sliders that make sense and are loved by the kids.

Regular maintenance is important for bicycles. It should be clean so that the brakes can function properly. The chain is cared for, by treating it with a special care product it runs smoother, wear is prevented. It is best to have the right inner tube for the tyre size in stock, as well as the most important screws. At least once a month you should check - perhaps together with the child - whether everything is in order. This way, the young cyclist gets used to the fact that these tasks have to be done.