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balance bike accessories

Accessories for the wheel

You can go fast on arunning bike. Especially with the models for bigger children, a considerable speed can be reached. That is why safety is important. A seal of approval from TÜV or another recognised safety certificate is therefore an essential quality feature. A hornit that can attract your child's attention with light and sound signals is therefore more than just a gimmick. It is also best to equip tricycles and scooters with them .

Your child should never ridea running bike or scooterwithout a helmet . Its eye-catching colours make your child more visible. If your child falls, which can hardly ever be avoided, his or her head is protected. However, the helmet must be well fitted. It should fit the shape of the head. Size-adjustable inner pads ensure a better fit. A good helmet offers protection to the face, forehead and neck through its pulled-down shape.