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baby walker

What is a baby walker?

Baby walkers are child-friendly aids that make it easier for your offspring to learn their first steps. The aids are either pushable or designed as a walker with four wheels. Your child is held in the centre of the baby walker and rolls or slides forward with it. This allows your child to move freely without having to hold on permanently. Once your child has learned to stand and walk safely, the baby walker is superfluous.

Baby walkers - What advantages do they offer?

In a baby walker, children move forward half walking and half kicking. In the early stages, baby walkers are a valuable tool to encourage your offspring to move freely. However, you should be aware of the point at which the baby walker becomes a hindrance to letting your child run around freely.

When should you start using a baby walker?

As is often the case, this depends on the individual development of your child. A rough guideline for the use of a baby walker is the sixth or seventh month of life. Make this dependent on the signs of how confidently your child sits independently and stands on its own two feet holding onto a piece of furniture.

What you should consider when using baby walkers?

Baby walkers come in for criticism time and again. In the meantime, many manufacturers have raised their safety standards. It is important not to let your child sit in a baby walker for too long. When buying a baby walker, make sure that it is safe and only buy brand-name quality. Also pay attention to the age and weight recommendations of the manufacturers. For older children with an urge to move, a running bike is the ideal alternative and will provide just as much fun.

What you will find for baby walkers in this category

At 4mybaby you will find baby walkers in many different colours and designs. Whether from well-known brands like Chicco or Babymoov. Many of these learning walkers also offer fun and games to entertain your baby and train its motor skills. Of course, you can also choose classic wooden models , such as the baby walker from Scratch or from Knorrtoys.