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Toy cars

Toy cars for children

Rrrrooooaaaaaaarrrrr! The engine howls like an irritated big cat, the red speedster shoots around the corner - and there is the police control. The uniformed police immediately give chase, because it's not allowed to drive so fast in the city made of Lego Duplo... Toy cars stimulate your child's imagination. He plays with the racing cars, SUVs, fire engines and police cars, excavators and bulldozers what he experiences in everyday life. These role plays with all kinds of toys are important for development because they allow your child to acquire some kind of world knowledge. So if your daughter wants a car racetrack, a wind-up car or a "workshop like in real life", this is a natural step in your child's development.

High-quality children's toys are well made: Everything is well fastened, it is robust and takes a lot of punishment. This is especially important for toy cars, because many a mini runabout crashes into a table or collides with a chair leg in the heat of the race. When buying a car, make sure that it does not have a noticeable plastic smell - because then chemicals could have been used in the production process that might not be so good for your health. By the way, all the cars in our range are climate-friendly and do not use fossil fuels, and they are also cheap to run. Simply designed vehicles can be easily operated by small children and are fun for your daughter or son from crawling age. And now we hope you enjoy buying your second car! Would you like a model with a pull-back motor, a push-start motor or a wind-up model?