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The German toy manufacturer geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & Co. KG presented the first models of its Playmobil system toy on the market in 1974. The small figures are made to a scale of 1:22.5 and cover all the themed worlds of everyday life. Children discover their surroundings in a playful way, learn social skills and develop their creativity and ability to concentrate. The Playmobil figures guarantee great play fun as a priority, because the little ones can have creative adventures with them and live out their imagination. Thus, depending on the Playmobil figures, the children's room becomes a knight's hall, an explorer's safari or a Robinsonade in the city.

The Playmobil theme worlds are fascinating

Playmobil wants to cover all children's interests with its play sets. The individual sets are arranged in theme worlds and their contents are matched in colour and design. While the fairy and princess landscapes are playful and feature floral motifs in the colours pink and purple, the city life sets are modern and contemporary in design. Realistic depictions are found in the animal sets, while the futuristic Playmobil figures feature many details made of translucent and sparkling material. More than 20 themed worlds can be found in the Playmobil range at any one time. Of course, all sets can be connected with each other, because in the children's fun fantasy world, a tiger from the jungle gets to go to school or the injured in a car crash are abducted by an alien plane.

Play fun with lovingly designed details

All Playmobil play sets include figures with movable hands in which the many objects are clamped. Tools, household items, bags, accessories or school articles are made on a small scale with great attention to detail and allow the Playmobil figures to slip into new roles and perform new activities. This results in a variety of play possibilities for the children and increases the fun of playing. At the same time, handling these small accessories promotes children's fine motor skills. The age recommendation for the classic Playmobil figures is given as 4 years and older. Adult help is needed when assembling larger components and more complicated objects. Detailed instructions are included in each set.

Play fun for kindergarten children

To integrate younger siblings when playing with Playmobil, the toy manufacturer has started a new series. The figures included have fewer moving parts and the details are often graphically captured. The series 1.2.3 is suitable for children from 18 months and contains themes from everyday life, such as the playground, road construction machines or kindergarten and farm.

Effects increase the fun of playing

Many play sets surprise with light and sound effects. The column in the bathroom provides soft lighting, the lift in the hospital transports the patients to the upper floor and the blue light of the fire brigade guarantees that the emergency vehicle can extinguish the fire in time. The effects require small batteries, which are not included.