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Painting Crafting Learning

Pens and paints and craft sets for children

Painting and handicrafts are by far the most important activities in early childhood. Both train children's concentration and motor skills and should therefore be offered as often as possible. In our shop, we have a wide selection of activities for your children. Especially in bad weather, your child will certainly be thrilled when you have the various craft ideas ready for him or her. In addition to pens, paints and modelling clay sets, puzzles are also very popular with children.

Of course, your child also just wants to play now and then! That's why, in addition to pencils and paints, we also offer exciting toys for children of all ages: from building blocks and bouncy animals to outdoor toys.

Another important topic is early childhood music education! Generally, it can never be started early enough, because the playful acquisition of first melodies is so important for children. Choose beautiful children's songs on CD for your child's first musical enjoyment!