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What are musical toys?

Musical objects in the form of toys are becoming increasingly popular. Many different children's musical instruments awaken musical enthusiasm in children at an early age. Within the category of musical toys, different types of them exist. From small xylophones designed as colourful animals to small colourful boxes that play musical sounds and a variety of different tones. Even rattles that are easy to grasp for babies could theoretically be included in this category.

What is the difference to children's instruments?

Of course, it is important to distinguish them from children's instruments. Musical toys are, as the name suggests, first and foremost toys. However, by using such toys, a child can gain initial experience with musical objects and then move on to a real instrument at the appropriate age.

For which children are musical toys suitable?

Ingeneral, it can be said that toddlers are fascinated by anything that rattles, rings and makes sounds , so musical toys for toddlers are not only suitable for children who are to gain music educationally relevant experiences at an early age. With simple toys, babies can immerse themselves in the fascinating world of sounds. For this reason, musical toys are suitable for all toddlers and babies without any problems.

Why are musical toys particularly valuable from an educational point of view?

If children want to make music with real instruments, toy instruments are the right way to start. They can be played without any knowledge of music and give toddlers a special sense of achievement. In addition, they can greatly increase the interest in learning a real musical instrument. Furthermore, this type of toy supports the connection of the two hemispheres of children's brains. This contributes significantly to children becoming more efficient in their learning. In addition, the playful handling of instruments promotes creativity as well as social interactions. Young children can make music together with parents and friends, which creates a sense of community and bonding. The sense of rhythm is also increased and further promoted by handling such toys. Another alternative to encourage your child's musical development is to reach for music cds.