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Lego Duplo

Lego Duplo for children

The farmer is desperate: A cow is missing. Oh, there's a piece of fence missing! Why don't we put a tree there before another animal runs away? Satisfied, the farmer chugs home with his tractor, collects a few more eggs in the chicken coop and then eats dinner in front of his house. Together with horse, goat and pig. Lego Duplo offers stimulating fantasy worlds for children that can be built in no time. The coloured bricks can be easily put together by two-year-olds and form the basis for ever new constructions, which then invite them to lively role-playing. High-quality children's toys invite exploration, are safe and fun.

Lego and Lego Duplo are the classics in construction toys. What started many years ago as a set of colourful plastic bricks is now a varied range of themed worlds from Disney from animals to vehicles. The large bricks are easy for small children to grasp, and the building instructions are simple. Lego Duplo is the perfect toy for planning and building, for developing one's own constructions, for developing an understanding of space and proportions. And if it doesn't work out? No problem - the bricks can always be taken apart and reassembled. By the way, Lego Duplo is compatible with many other toys : the learning worlds from Huebelino can be used with the colourful bricks just like the smaller Lego bricks. Of course, this only applies to the original Lego Duplo building sets. As a gift, the building sets are very popular and compete with the flat puzzle!