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baby rattle

Rattles and graspers for babies

Your child looks interestedly at the little rattling thing in your hand. He follows it with his eyes, reaches out for it. Toys fascinate babies.

Toys for babies stimulate your child through their colourful design, the materials oriented towards good haptics and the sounds they make easily. These toys fascinate children as soon as they can grasp - from the age of about four months, most children enjoy using rattles and grasping toys.

No other toy can be used so early. And even at this tender age, children develop better with the help of the toys: they train their motor skills, the senses are stimulated, spatial understanding and logical thinking are challenged. Teething rings allow the child to feel the toys with the chewing tongue and can also have a pain-relieving effect.

Baby rattles provide fun and entertainment

Ideally, toys should not only be fun, but also promote your child's development. Rattles and grasping toys are made of soft fabric[/url] for very young children. This means that children cannot hurt themselves if they accidentally bang the rattles and grasping toys on their heads. If your child's movements are a little more coordinated, rattles and grasping toys made of wood are very nice. The natural material is soft and warm. Plastics are also used again and again for manufacturing.

However, you should be really careful: The materials are not always safe. With cheap products, chemicals can dissolve in saliva and small parts can break off. Make sure that the rattles and grasping toys are not only suitable for your child in terms of the manufacturer's age specifications, but that your child also has fun with them and can develop his or her motor skills.

By the way, your child can also use the little toy on the go in the pram, on trips and in the car! Rattles are particularly handy.