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Music boxes

The classic among the toys: The music box

A sleep melody sounds softly, colourful lights paint soothing patterns on the ceiling. While watching it, your baby's eyes slowly close. He falls asleep relaxed, dreaming of a great day with lots of new toys.

Children love music. There is simply no more relaxing way to soothe them to sleep. The simple, quiet melodies of music boxes are based on well-known nursery rhymes or classical pieces and quickly put little ones to rest. Music boxes are so great because they play the same melody recurrently every evening. When the one, always the same melody sounds, it's time to go to sleep. This is why music boxes, whose invention is attributed to a clockmaker from Geneva at the end of the 18th century, are part of every baby's bedding.

Why buy a music box?

Not every child accepts the music box equally. There are always children who do not like the melodies, who do not like music boxes or who are even afraid of them. For these children, a mobile that hangs above the cot and invites quiet contemplation is a good choice for falling asleep.

Some music boxes may also be a little loud - they are more of a toy than a sleep aid. However, many manufacturers now make a point of ensuring that the melodies from the music boxes sound very softly and discreetly. Some even build volume controls into the music boxes. Then you can turn the music box down yourself. Music boxes can be integrated into mobiles, combined with a coloured, moving lamp or come alone with a textile cover as a cuddly toy. When your child is playing with the music box, please keep an eye on it.