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baby mobile

The mobile: a faithful companion in the first months of life

Your child lies there and looks up with interest: Colourful animals, little suns and stars dance through the air above him. He tries to reach for the toy, fidgets excitedly with his arms and legs and fixes his gaze again and again on the one element gently turning in the breeze.

Placedabove thecradle, over the baby's bed or on one arm above the play blanket on the floor, the mobile is a really interesting toy. It encourages your child to look closely at the moving parts. Articulated glances, exact fixation and following moving objects with the eyes can be practised excellently by your baby in the first months of life.

Buying a mobile: What should I look out for?

Mobiles made of natural materials in rather muted colours are of course always very beautiful. Wool felt, wood or simple wire work are all suitable. The mobile should always hang out of your child's reach. Most parents place the mobile above the cot or the changing table. But of course you can also hangyour mobile on the side of the cotor table, or hang it in a passageway. Look at it from below: Does it look good there? Because your baby will also see the mobile from below.

Advantages of a baby mobile

A mobile offers your child stimulation and activity, even if it is still too small for other toys. Your child can calm down when it follows the figures of the gently turning mobile with its eyes and sees the same animals, flowers, figures or constellations again and again. This makes it easier for your child to fallasleep in theevening , is calmer when changing nappies and can still develop optimally.