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Hanging toys

Hanging toys for babies

The little bear hangs directly in front of your baby's nose. He fixes it with his eyes, reaches for it. The little hand doesn't quite hit it, the teddy bear swings back and forth. Your baby squeals with delight: it has hit its toy!

We call all toys that are attached to a flexible cord above your child's head in a pram, car seat or crib a hanging toy. Maxi Cosi or attached to the cot. The toy encourages your child to move: it follows the colourful wooden or plastic figures with its eyes, grabs them, holds them tight. Perhaps your child will manage to pull the toy down to him or her. Then your child will explore the figures, rattles and bells with its fingers and mouth.

So your child not only learns how to grasp things, but also learns a bit of independence: if your child is interested in something, it can reach out and touch it itself. Hanging toys promote your child's development.

How safe is the hanging toy?

Whether hanging toys are safe for babies and toddlers depends on various factors. Look for high-quality materials. If it gives off a strange smell, it is probably not safe. The hanging toy should be designed so that no small parts can come loose. The clips for fastening must be tight.

Otherwise, the hanging toy can come loose when your child pulls on it. Attach the hanging toy to the pram or car seat high enough so that your child cannot put the cord or elastic band around its head or neck, even by accident. By the way, children also like to play with rattles and graspers when they are out and about.