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Cuddle cloths

Cuddle cloths as a loyal companion and comforter

Tired, your child snuggles into its cuddle cloth: the day was exhausting, now it's time for sleep. The soft cloth is placed over the eyes and forehead, your baby sighs once more, then a gentle snoring sounds ...

The end of a blanket, a spit-up cloth, the corner of a pillow, a real cuddle cloth, the ear of a cuddly toy or the sleeve: Most children look for some piece of textile to suck on for relaxation or to cover their eyes. The cuddle cloth is a classic that already accompanied Linus from the Peanuts. Unlike other toys or even cuddly toys, the cuddle cloth will accompany your child for many years.

Baby rattles provide fun and entertainment

Perhaps the cuddle cloth is your baby's first toy - but it won't be the only one. From the age of about six months, your child will become increasingly interested in all kinds of things. The cuddle cloth is only used for sleeping. Rattles and grasping toys made of wood or plastic now keep your child busy. The colourful, handy objects want to be touched, grasped, moved, sucked off with the tongue and worked on with the chew. It is important to make sure that the toys are safe for your baby: No small parts should come loose from the rattles and graspers, and the materials must be safe for health.

You should always have small toys such as comforters, rattles and graspers with you when you are out and about. These toys support your child's development because they challenge motor skills. The cuddle cloth, on the other hand, is what your child needs when he or she gets tired: The cuddle cloth smells familiar.