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STOKKE MyCarrier the 3-in-1 baby carrier

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About STOKKE MyCarrier the 3-in-1 baby carrier

Nowadays, a sleeping bag is an indispensable part of a baby's outfit, because a sleeping bag makes kicking or tucking in a blanket a thing of the past. The baby is always covered and mum and dad no longer have to worry. Your baby can sleep more comfortably and also feels a sense of security. A sleeping bag also supports the optimal sleeping climate, facilitates the supine position and offers security.
Because of the different seasons, different sleeping bags are needed, which are equipped with different features.
In summer, it is advisable to use a sleeping bag made of jersey. If it is really hot, thanks to today's technology there are also sleeping bags that have a specially designed membrane such as Coolmax or Tencel. These membranes have a cooling effect on your child and are therefore ideal for hot days or nights.

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